R-55E Radio Console

Compact and versatile


Hit the ground running with our purely functional standalone R-55e radio console. It’s versatile, it’s compact, it’s ready and reliable anytime you are. The R-55e’s small frame takes up to 24 input and accessory modules in any combination.

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R-55E Owner's Manual 
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R-55E Overview

The R-55e radio console has the features engineers want: two stereo program busses and two mono busses—one pre- and one post-fader (perfect for backfeeds or on-the-fly mix-minus). Phone caller support utilizes Wheatstone’s exclusive Bus-Minus® circuitry, which generates mix-minus caller feeds with the simple push of the phone module’s bus assignment switch.

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Both control room and studio monitoring with talkback are provided, including both pre- and post-studio and headphone level pot monitor feeds. You can even choose a second monitor module for studio two/headphone two output feeds, giving you plenty of monitoring flexibility. And while the frame is compact, it can accommodate up to 24 input and accessory modules in any combination.

Because all switching is electronic (and all switches are LED illuminated) you can count on the ultimate in reliability. This is a truly versatile and compact Audioarts console!

R-55E Features

  • Two VU meter pairs (PGM and Switched)
  • Two stereo program buses, two mono buses
  • Low profile countertop installation

More Features

  • Rackmount power supply
  • Built-in cue speaker with amplifier and external cue line output
  • All switches LED Illuminated
  • Talkback
  • Flip-up meter bridge
  • A/B Inputs
  • Automatic timer and clock